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Brochs in Shetland

Shetland is discussed as one potential centre, where the development of brochs may have started.

That is why we do have such an amount of broch ruins. Although some of the objects are still discussed as being "possibly" a broch, most of them are confirmed.

Many brochs may have disappeared over the centuries, being eroded by the sea as well as being used as "quarries" to recycle the building material for more modern houses, dykes, sheep folds, etc.

A lot of the confirmed broch features as well as some of the "possiblies" come along with other features like wheelhouses, other outbuildings or burial grounds of different eras. For details try a look at the RCAHMS records using the given NMRS numbers. For details how to use the RCAHMS records for a search look here. It is the same procedure.

The records know 110 "brochs" in Shetland. Thereof 26 - or roughly one quarter - are discussed as a "possible broch" for various reasons. One feature which was known as a broch until recently (Aywick/Yell) is now described as a fort, but no longer as a broch.

The list is subject to ongoing research and will be updated.
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A few places refer to wrong places. For Stava Ness for example the location given in the text is Whalsay, but from the map reference provided and from the Ordnance Survey maps there is no doubt that it is Stava Ness on the coast of Nesting. Where possible, such errors were corrected in both the following list and the map.

List of brochs in Shetland

The Brochs of Shetland
According to RCAHMS Database
Name<ref>Alternative names as provided by RCAHMS are also noted to enable easier crosschecks when using the list along with different sources, esp. publications of varying eras.</ref> Scheduled
<ref>S = scheduled, L = listed ancient monument</ref>
Type<ref>possible refers to a monument which is discussed as being a broch but not confirmed or in some cases it refers to sites which are no more traceable despite of existing former records. </ref> NMRS
<ref> The National Monuments' Record Number - easiest way to copy and paste to the RCAHMS-CANMORE search for more details about a particular object.</ref>
<ref>All map references provided by RCAHMS are reduced to the nearest "six figures" (three eastings, three northing) and written in a way which allows copy and paste to the Ordnance Survey Get A Map search for more information about the location; the object should appear at the centre of the map produced according to the search entry.</ref>
Parish<ref>As stated in the official records.</ref> Locality<ref>More detailed information giving locally known and used place names; may be different from the officially used names and alternative names.</ref>
Heogan - Broch HU44SE 7 HU474434 Bressay -
Brough - Broch HU54SW 2 HU518411 Bressay -
Aith - Broch HU54SW 4 HU514434 Bressay -
Cullingsburgh S Broch HU54SW 6 HU521423 Bressay -
Noss Sound S Broch HU54SW 8 HU528409 Bressay -
Burravoe S Broch HU36NE 3 HU358669 Delting -
Fugla Ness S Broch HU47NW 6 HU437777 Delting -
Broch of Infield
alt: Mossbank, Lighthouse
S Broch HU47SE 1 HU453747 Delting -
Jarlshof SL Broch HU30NE 1.00 HU398095 Dunrossness -
Skelberry - possible HU31NE 5 HU390164 Dunrossness -
alt: Scousbrough
S Broch HU31NE 6 HU377164 Dunrossness -
Loch of Brow - Broch HU31NE 7 HU383156 Dunrossness -
alt: Scousbrough
S possible HU31NE 9 HU377178 Dunrossness -
Sumburgh Airport
alt: The Cletts; Betty Mowat's Croft; Old Scatness
S Broch HU31SE 21.00 HU389106 Dunrossness -
Broch of Toab
alt: Toab, The Knowe
S Broch HU31SE 44 HU389115 Dunrossness -
alt: Boddam; Stack of The Brough
S Broch HU41NW 1.00 HU407156 Dunrossness -
alt: Blouid
S Broch HU41NW 3 HU415197 Dunrossness -
Clumlie S Broch HU41NW 4 HU404181 Dunrossness -
Southvoe S Broch HU41SW 2 HU400147 Dunrossness -
alt: Kilder Brou; 'The Broken Brough'
S Broch HU41SW 3 HU407129 Dunrossness -
Brough Head
alt: Pool of Virkie; Eastshore
S Broch HU41SW 4 HU402112 Dunrossness -
Burn of Aith
alt: Clodie Knowe
S Broch HU42NW 6 HU441293 Dunrossness -
Mail - possible HU42NW 8 HU432277 Dunrossness Cunningsburgh
Broch of Mousa SL Broch HU42SE 1 HU457236 Dunrossness Mousa
Burraland S Broch HU42SW 1 HU446231 Dunrossness Sandwick
Knowe of Houlland - possible HU42SW 3 HU425239 Dunrossness Sandwick
Broch of Aithsetter - Broch HU43SW 2 HU446303 Dunrossness Cunningsburgh
Sna Broch S Broch HU59SE 1 HU578933 Fetlar -
Brough Lodge S Broch HU59SE 4 HU580926 Fetlar -
Aith, St Rognvald's
alt: Feal Kirk
S Broch HU69SW 20 HU629901 Fetlar -
Houbie S Broch HU69SW 22 HU619903 Fetlar -
West Burra Brough
alt: Southerhouse
- Broch HU33SE 7 HU378349 Lerwick West Burra
Broch of Burland S Broch HU43NW 5 HU445360 Lerwick Easter Quarff
South Road, Clickimin
alt: Clickhimin; Loch of Clickimin
SL Broch HU44SE 2.00 HU464408 Lerwick -
Loch of Stavaness - possible HU45NE 15 HU490590 Nesting -
Housabister S Broch HU45NE 16 HU487577 Nesting -
The Burrian S Broch HU45SE 13 HU477544 Nesting -
alt: The Burrian
S possible HU45SE 14 HU467540 Nesting -
Holm of Benston S Broch HU45SE 18 HU463537 Nesting -
Longa Skerries - possible HU45SE 15 HU469512 Nesting -
alt: Cat Firth
S possible HU45SE 16 HU455523 Nesting -
Corn Holm - possible HU45SE 17 HU481549 Nesting -
alt: Ayre of Vidlin; Vidlin Methodist Chapel
S Broch HU46NE 3 HU479654 Nesting -
Chapel Knowe S possible HU46NE 19 HU485690 Nesting -
Burga Water - Broch HU46SE 1 HU480641 Nesting -
Brough - Broch HU56NE 12 HU555651 Nesting Whalsay
Salt Ness - possible HU56SW 5 HU539626 Nesting Whalsay
Stava Ness - possible HU56SW 12 HU508602 Nesting -
Hillswick - possible HU27NE 13 HU281770 Northmavine -
Sae Breck
alt: Eshaness
S Broch HU27NW 2 HU210780 Northmavine -
Loch of Houlland, Esha Ness
alt: Villians of Ure
S Broch HU27NW 5 HU213791 Northmavine -
Hogaland - possible HU27NW 11 HU220780 Northmavine West Heogaland
Hamnavoe S Broch HU28SW 2 HU239806 Northmavine -
Islesburgh - Broch HU36NW 10 HU336691 Northmavine -
Orbister - Broch HU37NW 1 HU310767 Northmavine -
North Gluss - Broch HU37NW 2 HU343774 Northmavine -
The Cumlins - possible HU37NW 8 HU308769 Northmavine -
Marki Ness - possible HU37SE 2 HU353720 Northmavine -
Loch of Burraland S Broch HU37SW 5 HU343749 Northmavine -
Broch of Culswick
SL Broch HU24SE 4 HU253448 Sandsting -
Brough, Wester Skeld - possible HU24SE 5 HU296438 Sandsting -
West Burra Firth S Broch HU25NE 4 HU256572 Sandsting -
alt: Voe of Clousta
S Broch HU25NE 5 HU295576 Sandsting -
Brindister Voe - Broch HU25NE 6 HU284571 Sandsting -
The Broch, West Houlland - Broch HU25SE 4 HU274503 Sandsting -
Culeryin Loch
alt: Cunnis Broch
- possible HU25SE 12 HU278542 Sandsting -
The Brough - Broch HU34SW 3 HU308443 Sandsting -
East Burra Firth S Broch HU35NE 2 HU358579 Sandsting -
Broch of Houlland S Broch HU35SW 3 HU344538 Sandsting -
alt: Bixter Voe
- possible HU35SW 20 HU341503 Sandsting -
Burland S Broch HU33NE 1 HU389369 Tingwall Trondra
Hogaland - possible HU34NE 6 HU394469 Tingwall -
Burra Holm
alt: Barra Holm
- Broch HU34NE 9 HU385458 Tingwall -
Ness of Burwick - possible HU34SE 4 HU388405 Tingwall -
alt: Nesta Ness
S Broch HU35SE 3 HU388515 Tingwall -
Upper Scalloway - Broch HU43NW 32 HU406399 Tingwall -
Hawks Ness, Breiwick S Broch HU44NE 3 HU461489 Tingwall -
Wadbister Ness - Broch HU45SW 5 HU447504 Tingwall -
Westing, Kirkaby Church - possible HP50NE 2 HP566064 Unst -
Brough Holm - Broch HP50NE 3 HP565058 Unst -
Hoga Ness S Broch HP50SE 3 HP557005 Unst -
Loch of Snabrough
alt: Sna Broch
S Broch HP50SE 8 HP568027 Unst -
Underhoull S Broch HP50SE 12 HP574044 Unst -
Uyeasound - Broch HP50SE 25 HP593010 Unst -
alt: Houlland
- possible HP51SE 2 HP596103 Unst -
Baliasta, Brough - possible HP60NW 5 HP603098 Unst -
Sandwick - Broch HP60SW 14 HP610020 Unst -
Brough Taing - Broch HP60SW 16 HP632048 Unst -
Norwick, St John's Church S possible HP61SE 1 HP651141 Unst -
Burra Firth, Burgar Stack
alt: Stackhoull; Burrafirth
S Broch HP61SW 10 HP610143 Unst -
Geo of The Brough
alt: Balta Isle
S Broch HP60NE 2 HP660089 Unst Balta
Loch of Huxter S Broch HU15NE 4 HU172569 Walls & Sandness -
Loch of Watsness S Broch HU15SE 1 HU175506 Walls & Sandness -
Loch of Breibister
alt: Brough; Burraland
S Broch HU24NW 1 HU221496 Walls & Sandness -
Burrastow - Broch HU24NW 17 HU224478 Walls & Sandness -
Footabrough S Broch HU24NW 27 HU200495 Walls & Sandness -
Muckle Bousta
alt: Broch of Bousta
- possible HU25NW 3 HU222575 Walls & Sandness -
Stoura Brough
alt: Broch of Setter
- Broch HU25SW 21 HU208511 Walls & Sandness -
Burgi Geo S Broch HP50NW 2 HP539050 Yell -
Fillacomb Point
alt: Breiwick
- Broch HP50NW 3 HP531053 Yell -
Kirks, Gloup - possible HP50SW 8 HP505049 Yell -
Holm of Copister
alt: Wester Wick of Copister
S Broch HU47NE 1 HU472779 Yell -
The Brough - Broch HU48NW 1 HU440887 Yell -
Head of Brough S Broch HU48SW 2 HU446849 Yell -
Graveland - possible HU49NE 3 HU463967 Yell -
Windhouse S Broch HU49SE 4 HU488919 Yell -
Burra Voe
alt: Burravoe
S Broch HU57NW 2 HU518792 Yell -
Ness of Gossabrough S Broch HU58SW 1 HU533832 Yell -
Loch of Kettlester - Broch HU58SW 2 HU510805 Yell -
Burra Ness
alt: Broch of Burra Ness
SL Broch HU59NE 3 HU557957 Yell -

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