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Shetland Settlements
Name: Burravoe
UK Grid Reference: HU519795
Distance from Lerwick by road: 33 miles
plus 1 ferry
Community Council: Yell
Google Street View: Street View

Burravoe, (Old Norse : Borgavagr - Broch Bay), is a community in the south east part of Yell, on the north shore of Burra Voe.
The most notable building is The Old Haa Museum which dates from 1672.

The Old Haa of Burravoe (1987)
Old postcard from Burravoe, Yell.
The herring drifter Floreat is landing herring at Burravoe. Published by Magnus Tulloch, Burravoe

Also noteworthy is the Laird's house, a Grade C listed building, known as the Manor House, which was built on the north side of the voe around 1860 with an extension added to the front around 1920. On the skyline above the Manor House the laird had another house, Skibhoul, from where he could watch his tenants fishing and check that they did not land their catch in Whalsay or Out Skerries. Heoga Ness is the land to the south of the voe and it was here that the fish were dried on the rocky south-facing beaches. The remains of 'skeos' are still to be seen here, but otherwise the ness is left to a few sheep, thousands of sea birds, and a population of otters. Embedded in the beach,on Heoga Ness, across the voe from the laird's house is a large upright stone known locally as 'Lot's Wife' which it is thought may have been used, with ropes across the voe, as a shore anchor for hauling ships off the beach. The voe is about half a mile long and provides excellent shelter for boats, and it was formerly used as the winter anchorage for the bigger Whalsay drifters, among them 'Research', 'Joey Brown' and 'Heatherbell'. The latter, unfortunately, broke her mooring chain and went ashore at the head of the voe where she was broken up for fencing posts. The boiler for her steam capstan can still be seen on the beach. The capstan itself is preserved on the pier at Burravoe Marina. At the head of the voe are the ruins of a Wesleyan chapel built in 1827 after the then laird found the people all round daily uttering oaths and execrations of a most horrid and appalling nature. The chapel had a house built on to the south end in 1829 but was abandoned when a new chapel was built in Burravoe in 1900. This second chapel is now, 2010, being converted into a dwelling house. To the north-east of the voe is the impressive headland called the Horse of Burravoe with the separate Stack of the Horse.

The Manor House and its pier.
Burravoe, the Haa in the centre and the Loch of Littlester on the right.
Burravoe Marina with the old Chapel ruins at the head of the voe.
The old Chapel ruins.
'Lot's Wife' opposite the Manor House and Skibhoul on the skyline.
The Horse and Stack of Burravoe


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