Clickimin Broch

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Clickimin Broch from the air. Photo Peter II
The broch (left) and the fort (right) which guards the entrance.

Clickimin broch is a large, coastal broch in Lerwick, Shetland. On the inland side of the passage to the broch there is one of the very rare "footprint stones" (otherwise called "devil's footprint") indicating where the safe passage-way starts (a similar footprint stone is for example found near the old ford to Eilean Donan castle, which is now linked by a modern bridge). The entrance to the broch itself is blocked by a separate fort. The site is maintained by Historic Scotland.

Situated across the loch is the Clickimin Leisure Centre.

Clickimin Broch. Photo by Jaydee67
The entrance to the broch. Photo by Unnur Fridriksdottir
Inside the main part of the broch. Photo by Unnur Fridriksdottir

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