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Commercial Street on a rainy afternoon

Commercial Street, referred to as "Da Street" is the main street in Lerwick.
Da Street was named in 1845 by "The Commissioners of Police" as part of their exercise to officially name and number all of the streets, lanes and houses in the Burgh of Lerwick, before that it was just called "Da Shore", as it was just a stony path running along the beach.
In addition to being named Commercial Street all buildings were numbered south to north, odd numbers on the landward side, and even numbers on the seaward side. Various construction projects since 1845 have resulted in a portion of the original street numbers becoming "lost" through demolitions and rebuilds combining two or more adjacent numbers, etc.
From the North end where it meets Commercial Road, at the south end of the Fort car park below Fort Charlotte, to the South end where it meets Twageos Road, Da Street is the hub of all activity in Lerwick
At the south end of Commercial Street, the Lodberries, (Old Norse: Hlad Berg = Loading Rocks), are 18th century houses with their foundations in the sea, and areas for pulling up boats.

To see Commercial Street on Google Street View, Click Here.

ca 1950 - The man approaching the camera is Ally Gear, Director of LHD, Fish salesmen and fishing boat agents. PS1936 is a Wolsley saloon, first registered in 1949, owned by W K Conochie, founder of the newsagents business.


Da Street from South to North

Looking from the Knowe, with the foot of Leog Lane to the left, towards The Old Manse on the left and 2 - 8 Commercial Street with Copland's Lodberrie and Gillie's Pier on the seaside.
From the foot of Stout's Court, looking towards 10 Commercial Street and Lerwick Boating Club in the distance.
In front of Lerwick Boating Club, looking towards Craigie's Stane and The Lodberrie in the distance, on the right.

Below Quendale House, looking towards the building at the foot of Water Lane, (with scaffolding).
At the foot of Chromate Lane, with Queens Hotel to the right, looking towards the Old Tolbooth.
Beside the Old Tolbooth, looking across Church Road, towards Cuttin Edge to the left and Faerdie Maet to the right.

Beside Faerdie Maet, looking past the Post Office towards Market Cross
Beside Bank of Scotland, with The Camera Centre to the right. Tatties & Point at the foot of Bank Lane, and the Grand Hotel in the distance, on the left.

Commercial Street Shops, Businesses and Organisations

Shops Shops Hotels, Restaurants,
Cafes, Nightclubs, & Bars
Other Businesses & Services

A. L. Laing
Anderson & Company
Boots The Chemists
British Red Cross
Camera Centre
Clive's Record Shop
COPE - Pet Supplies

D.E Shoes
Dennis Coutts
Fish Bowl, The
Garret, The
Hansel, The
Harry's Department Store
High Level Music

Jamiesons Knitwear
J. G. Rae Ltd
J.K. Mainland
J. R. White & Co.
Kelly, C. Opticians

Klaize/The Hub
Lodberrie Traders
Magpies Nest
Malcolmson & Co.
Miller Opticians
North Rock Gallery
R. W. Bayes
S & R Swanson
Save the Children
Scottish Hydro-Electric
Shetland Art Company, The
Shetland Fudge Company, The
Shetland Soap Company
Shetland Times Bookshop, The
Smith & Robertson
Smiths of Lerwick
Spiders Web, The
Stage Door, The
Universal Stores
Vaila Fine Art
Wine Shop, The

Da Noost
Faerdie Maet
Grand Hotel, The
Osla's Cafe Bar

Queens Hotel
Tatties & Point

Alcohol Advice Centre
Alliance & Leicester plc
Anderson & Goodlad
Baker Tilly - Accountants
Bank of Scotland
Clydesdale Bank
Community Alcohol and Drugs Services Shetland
Ian MacDonald, Insurance & Financial Services
Lerwick Boating Club
m2 consulting
Michael Inkster & Co.
MP and MSP Constituency Office
Post Office Ltd.
Richard Gibson, Architects
Royal Bank of Scotland, The
Shetland Alcohol Support Services
Shetland Youth Information Service
Tait & Peterson
Visit Shetland

The Market Cross - "Da Cross"

Da Cross viewed from north
Da Cross

Perhaps the most famous gathering point in Lerwick. On New Years Eve hundreds of revellers from all over Shetland gather at "Da Cross", as it is commonly known, to bring in the New Year.
Da Cross is also the centre of attention at Lerwick Up Helly-Aa when the bill is displayed.

The Lanes

Commercial Street is joined on both sides by a number of small lanes and courts. In places they are just a few feet wide. The lanes and courts have undergone a lot of refurbishment over recent years.

Seafield Court and Scottshall Court
Queens Lane, formerly North Kirk Closs
Hayfield Court, formerly Nice Court

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