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Ve Skerries 1.jpg
Ve Skerries, the scene of the wreck, as seen from Eshaness Lighthouse, with zoom lens.
Shetland Museum Collection. Model boat and helicopter. Depicts ELINOR VIKING's rescue by rescue helicopter on 9th December 1977 on Ve Skerries.
Modelled by winch operator Brian Johnstone.

On 9th December 1977 on a fishing trip out of Aberdeen, Scotland, the steel hulled fishing trawler Elinor Viking, A278, 122 gross tons, 23.52 L x 6.7 B x 3.35 D metres, built 1974 J. Lewis & Sons, Aberdeen, Scotland, owned by John Brown (Aberdeen) Ltd, Aberdeen, Scotland, and registered in Aberdeen, Scotland grounded on the Ve Skerries, west of Papa Stour, in storm force winds. The Aith Lifeboat was quickly at the scene but because of the sea conditions was unable to get near enough to rescue the crew.

A volunteer crew in a British Airways Sikorsky S61N helicopter from Sumburgh Airport flew to the scene and winched all the boat's crew to safety despite the storm force winds. The helicopter crew later received a number of awards for bravery.

The wreck lies broken up in a maximum depth of 15 metres of water.

This incident prompted the building of a lighthouse on the Ve Skerries in 1979.

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