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Eshaness Lighthouse - December 2006
Eshaness Lighthouse, picture taken by Shetlopedian Gazb159 at 8pm.

Basic Information :

Name Eshaness Lighthouse
Position Latitude 60° 29.3’N

Longitude 01° 37.6’W
(HU 206785)

Location In the west part of Northmavine, Shetland,
Description A white square tower, 40 foot high
Built by David A. Stevenson
First lit 1929
Character Flashing White every 12 seconds
Nominal Range 25 miles
Elevation 61 meters
Automated 1974
Other information This was the last Northern Lighthouse Board major facility designed by a member of the Stevenson family.
The keepers quarters were sold to private owners in 1974.

They were bought by Shetland Amenity Trust in 2005, for £75,000 from the well known writer about lighthouses, Sharma Krauskopf, and turned into self- catering holiday accommodation.

Stenness - The Cross on the Hill. The cross was erected by the Commissioners to the Northern Lighthouses in 1927 to mark the spot were the supplies to Eshaness Lighthouse were to be landed
Photo by Shetlopedian Gazb159
Picture by Trikster87.

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