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Old postcard of Fair Isle North, pre 1918, showing the accomodation block and the foghorn at "Da Niz"
The north lighthouse viewed from the ferry entering the North Harbour. The foghorn is visible on the promontory "Da Niz".
Photo by Kozetland1.
Fair Isle North Lighthouse.
Photo by Peter II

The accomodation block (left) was demolished in the mid-1980's when the light became fully automatic - a bank of photoelectric cells now occupies the site.
Photo by Kozetland1.
A handrail path was oroginally constructed out to the foghorn on 'Da Niz'. This is now in some disrepair and the lowest point on the path shows signs of subsidence.
Photo by Kozetland1.

Basic Information :

Name Fair Isle North Lighthouse
Position Latitude 59° 33.2’N

Longitude 01° 36.5’W
(HZ 222742)

Location Skroo, at the north tip of Fair Isle
Description White conical tower, 47 foot high, with 37 steps to the top
Built by David A. & Charles Stevenson
First lit November 1st 1892
Character Flashing (2) White every 30 seconds
Nominal Range 22 miles
Elevation 262 feet
Automated 1983
Other information Foghorn discontinued October 3rd 2001


During WWII, the lighthouse was seriously attacked twice. The first attack took place on March 28th 1941 when the dwelling houses were machine gunned and 2 bombs were dropped 60 yards from the lighthouse. The second attack happened on April 18th 1941. This time a single German plane machine-gunned and bombed the houses. One bomb was a direct hit and caused great damage to the buildings, but no personnel were hurt in either of the attacks.
On January 21th 1942, Assistant Lightkeeper Roderick Macaulay, walked three miles through snowdrifts and storm to help restore the Fair Isle South Lighthouse, which had been badly damaged in an air-raid. After the light was restored, he walked back in the dark to the North Lighthouse to continue his duties there. For this deed he received a BEM for outstanding services.

Photo by Kozetland1.
Close up Photo by Kozetland1.

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