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The Janus (alternatively James), a sail schooner laden with a cargo of timber, registered in Brevik, Norway, six crew.

This vessel in passage from Brevik, Norway for it is thought Scotland (Iceland is offered within the record as a possible alternative destination), was discovered floating bottom up in an unrecorded geo west of the Culswick on March 4th/5th 1874. All of the crew perished, the remains of one was recovered, having been lashed to the main boom. Salavge of either the vessel or any of the cargo was not possible.

Identification of the vessel was only possible from small pieces of broken timber floating close to the wreck, and the recovery of a small box, which it appeared had belonged to the mate Hans Bernhardt Johnsen. A Captain Johansen was known to have been in command of the vessel on previous voyages to Banff and Peterhead, Scotland in 1873, but it is not known if he was still in command at the time of this incident.

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