Mull of Eswick Lighthouse

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Mull of Eswick lighthouse in the -50's or -60's
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.

Basic Information :

Name Mull of Eswick Lighthouse
Position Latitude 60°15.76N,

Longitude 01°05.93W
(HU 500534)

Location On a sharp point on the east coast of Shetland Mainland
Description The new lighthouse is a 23 foot high, square, white clad metal framework tower
Built by The old was built by David A. & Charles Stevenson
First lit 1904
Character Flashing White/Red/Green every 3 seconds
Nominal Range -
Elevation 164 foot
Automated -
Other information The original lighthouse was destroyed when a large part of the cliff

collapsed into the sea on November 5th 1994.
A new lighthouse was established in 1995

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