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Opening Hours (May to September)
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Thursday 1000 - 1600
Friday Closed
Saturday 1000 - 1600
Sunday 1400 - 1700
Contact Details
Address Burravoe, Yell.
Telephone 01957 722339
The Old Haa of Brough
The Old Haa Museum at Burravoe, South Yell, 2007

The Old Haa of Brough in Burravoe, Yell, built for Robert Tyrie, a merchant, in 1672, houses the local museum for Burravoe and Yell. The archway with an armorial panel above, with Tyrie's initials and the year 1672, are remains of an old courtyard.
The museum has lots of information about island life in bygone days.

The Haa has a nice coffee shop, too, and don't forget to have a look at the garden - it is amazing, what is flowering in front of the wall.

Part of the collection of the Old Haa Museum
Propellor from aircraft crash at Arisdale, South Yell, now at the Old Haa Museum
Memorial to Bobby Tulloch at the Old Haa, Burravoe

Some of the Old Haa's attractions

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Drawing room display.
John Smith's Sea Chest.
Merchant Service corner.
Relics from the wreck of the Bohus.
Selection of Bobby Tulloch photographs.
2.4m long Sperm Whale jaw bone.
Fair Isle pattern samplers on display.
Knitwear on sale in the Haa shop.
Fireplace in the Coffee Shop.
In the garden behind the Haa.
Visitors admiring the flower display.
The Haa from the garden.
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