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Out Skerries 08.jpg
Out Skerries as seen from the Ward of Bressay. The Out Skerries Lighthouse can be seen to the right of the picture.

Shetland Islands
OS Name: Out Skerries
Shetland Name: Out Skerries
UK Grid Reference: HU685715
Area (ha):
Population: 76
Community Council: Skerries
Ferry Services: From Vidlin, and Lerwick
The Skerries ferry, Filla.

The Out Skerries, (Old Norse : Ut Sker ), more often referred to locally as Da Skerries, or just Skerries, are a group of islands which lie approximately 6.5km north east of Whalsay, and are the most easterly of the Shetland islands.

The main islands in the group are Housay, Bruray and Grunay. Only Housay and Bruray, which are joined by a bridge, are now populated although Grunay was populated when the lighthouse was manned and the keepers lived in the shore station on Grunay.
The islands are served by a ro-ro ferry service from Vidlin and Lerwick, and there is also an airstrip for the inter-island air service from Tingwall.
Fishing and fish processing are the main industries on the islands.

For a detailed history see "Out Skerries - an Island Community" by Joan Dey, ISBN 0900662743

The Kennermerland was wrecked at Skerries on December 11th 1664, as was the Wrangels Palais on 23rd July 1687, the Samaritan on Muckle Skerry on 30th September 1706, the Katherine on a baa near Muckle Skerry in 1769, the Resolution on the Baa of North Lagga Sound in 1794, the Woodlark in August 1842 and the Advena in January 1912 both in the South Mouth.

A number of other wrecks have occured on Housay and can be found listed on that page.



During their research Venables & Venables recorded the following species of birds breeding on Out Skerries, June 1950.

Regular and common: Starling; Sparrow; Twite; Rock Pipit; Wheatear; Shag; Eider; Ringed Plover: Oyster Catcher; Herring Gull; Greater Black-backed Gull; Kittiwake; Common Tern; Arctic Tern; Black Guillemot; Puffin; Storm Petrel; Fulmar and Rock Dove.

Irregular or rare: Raven (approx 1 pair), Hooded Crow (approx 2 pairs), Common Gull (approx 15 birds), and Lesser Black-backed Gull (approx 15 birds).

Known to have bred previously but extinct by 1950: Corn Bunting; Skylark and Wren.

Skerries had no rat troubles until 1931 when a coalship arrived at the island's harbour.


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