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The lighthouse on Bound Skerry , Out Skerries, in the big gale of 1936; photo taken by the Assistant Lighthouse Keeper, Alex Hislop.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives

The Northern Lighthouse Board wanted to build the lighthouse on nearby Grunay, but the Board of Trade and Trinity House overruled them, and it was built at a cost of £21,000, 90% higher than the estimate of Thomas and David Stevenson.
Alan Brebner was the resident engineer for construction.

Basic Information :

Name Out Skerries Lighthouse
Position Latitude 60° 25.5’N

Longitude 00° 43.5’W
(HU 701718)

Location On the island Bound Skerry, Out Skerries
Description The permanent tower, a white conical brick tower, 98 foot high
Built by Thomas & David Stevenson
First lit 1858
Character Flashing White/Red every 20 seconds
Nominal Range 20 miles
Elevation 132 foot
Automated April 7th 1972
Other information A temporary light was estabished on the island Gruney on September 15 1854

Old picture by J D Rattar from Shetland Museum and Archives
Mary Ann Anderson
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives


During WWII, the Lighthouse buildings and the shore station on Grunay were machine-gunned on February 22nd 1941 but fortunately no one was hurt. On January 18th. 1942, the lighthouse's shore station were bombed, and a bomb directly hit the boatman's house. The boatman's mother, Mary Ann Anderson, was buried in the debris and died two days later in Lerwick.

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