Shetland Freshwater Lochs

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Selected Shetland Freshwater Lochs
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Shetland has many freshwater lochs or waters as they are sometimes called. Most of them are of natural origin, some are man-made: reservoirs or sunken peat cuts. The names are often linked with other topographical features, especially settlements, or reflect environmental conditions. Many of them provide important wildlife habitats.

To assist map location of these waters there is a grid reference given on each page, which is the approximate centre point.
Also below the small location map on each page is a link to an Ordnance Survey map of the area.

Note on names:
For some of the inshore waters different names and/or spellings depending on publisher and /or scale of a map may be in use. The list below shows the common names as they are used in Shetland. Alternatives may be given with the individual descriptions where suitable.

Following the links in the table below may help to narrow your search area.
Central Mainland Bressay Burra Fair Isle
Fetlar and Out Skerries Foula South Mainland Northmavine
Unst West Mainland Whalsay Yell

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