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Issue No 1 November 1980. Cover Picture fisherman John Fraser, Scalloway by Tom Kidd

Shetland Life is a monthly magazine, published by The Shetland Times Ltd. It was launched in November 1980 by founding editor James R. Nicolson. It specialises in articles on Shetland history, culture and people, as well as current affairs features and columns by a variety of local people, though it has published fiction and poetry as well.

Current writers for the magazine include Tom Morton, Valerie Watt, Vaila Wishart, Marsali Taylor, Ann Prior, Ronnie Eunson, Douglas M Sinclair, Joyce Garden and Bryan Peterson.

The current editor is Malachy Tallack.

The initial cover design with left side index, reminiscent of The New Shetlander of about two decades previous, only appeared on Issues 1 & 2. For Issues 3 & 4 it appeared along the bottom edge below a full width cover image, and from Issue 5 onwards it was removed from the cover completely, giving the magazine what became its long term cover of image and header only.

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