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The Shetland official football team represents Shetland and takes its squad from various local teams.

It is not a member of FIFA or UEFA and is therefore ineligible to enter the World Cup or the European Championships (see below). The team regularly competes in the NatWest Island Games.



First game:
Orkney 2 - 3 Shetland

Biggest win:
Orkney 0 - 7 Shetland
(29 June 2000)

Biggest defeat:
Orkney 7 - 1 Shetland
(30 June 1972)

Current Squad

For full squad please see main article Shetland Official Football Team Squad


Shetland Football Club normally play their home matches at Gilbertson Park. While the capacity of it is unknown, it reached approximately 5000 during the final of the Island Games. Some matches, particularly friendlies, are occasionally played elsewhere, often at Seafield and Harbison Park.
The latest most noticeable event to take place in Shetland was the Island Games with many of the group matches being played on Pitches all around Shetland and the final taking place on Gilbertson Park (sometimes referred to as "the Gibbie").

Official Status

Neither the Shetland official team nor the Shetland domestic teams are recognised by FIFA or UEFA, while Faroese teams are. The reason for this is that Faroe gained devolution from Denmark whereas Shetland is an undevolved part of Scotland and the UK. Due to this the Shetland team does not play often, however the domestic teams play every week.

As the Shetland Football Association has amateur status it is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football Association[1] this body is in turn affiliated to the Scottish football association. Whilst not recognised by FIFA or UEFA the Shetland FA select has and does compete in international competitions such as the Natwest inter-island games the Adam Cup and the North Atlantic Cup the latter two being against Island neighbours Faroe and Orkney though these competitions are now dormant.

To view Shetland's ranking in the non-fifa ranking system view the following site [2].

The Scottish FA refers to the Shetland Team as 'Shetland FA Select' [3].


Island Games: GOLD
Match: Final
Shetland Islands 2 (0) V 0 (0) Guernsey
Time: 16:00 Date: Friday 15th July 2005 Venue: Gilbertson Park


Played Won Draw Lost For Against Difference Points
C 1 Shetland 4 3 1 0 8 1 7 10
  2 Isle of Man 4 2 1 1 12 3 9 7
  3 Saaremaa 4 1 2 1 5 5 0 5
  4 Åland 4 1 0 3 4 7 -3 3
  5 Falkland Island 4 1 0 3 3 16 -13 3


Association: Shetland Football Association
Head coach: John Jamieson
Most caps:  ?
Top scorer: ?

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