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The St Helena (alternatively St Heina, St Helina or Saint Helena), a sail brig operating as a Greenland whaler, 150 GRT or NRT (the available records are in dispute), registered in Hamburg, Germany, thirty one crew.

This vessel is recorded as having wrecked on March 12th 1730, at the "Inner Wick of Skaw" or "Inner Skaw", which most likely refers to the vicinity of the Sand of Inner Skaw, in the SW corner of the Wick of Skaw, Unst, However as there are locations named Inner Sound and Inner Flaess on the north side of the Wick of Skaw, these cannot entirely be ruled out as possible locations either. A small amount of materials and six of the crew were saved, but twenty five souls perished.

The record also makes mention of a "second whaler" having wrecked at the same location on the same date, but no further details are given of the vessel concerned.

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