Sullom Voe Oil Terminal

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Sullom Voe Oil Terminal

Inside the terminal
Tanker berthed at jetty

Sullom Voe Oil Terminal is located at Sullom Voe, a deep water inlet, previously used in WWII. It is run by BP PLC, but is used by thirty other companies. It is one of the largest post-war construction projects of the UK.

Opening Cememony and Bombing

The inauguration ceremony for Sullom Voe Oil Terminal was held on the 16th May 1981. It was attended by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip who formally opened the terminal. Minutes before the formal opening took place, a bomb exploded from high up in the terminal's main power station. No-one was injured in the blast but debris was spread over the congested area. Responsibility for the explosion was claimed by the IRA, making the incident their only attack in Scotland.

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