Symbister Ness Lighthouse

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Symbister Ness Lighthouse with the Earl of Zetland in the background.
This is a copy of a JD Ratter postcard which is date stamped 1905
Lighthouse in 2008

Basic Information :

Name Symbister Ness Lighthouse
Position Latitude: 60° 20, 30 N

Longitude: -1° 2, 6 W
(HU 533622)

Location At the south west point of the island of Whalsay
Description The first lighthouse was a white octagonal tower
The tower that stands there now is a 23 foot high square skeletal tower, enclosed with white aluminium panels
Built by The old was built by David A. & Charles Stevenson
First lit 1904
Character Flashing (2)White/Green (depends on direction) every 12 seconds
Nominal Range White, 8 miles - Green, 6 miles
Elevation 36 foot
Automated -
Other information It was the first lighthouse in the Northern Lighthouse service to use acetylene gas as its power source
A new tower has been built, (year unknown), to replace the old

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