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Tesco Store
Business Contact Details
Address: South Road, Lerwick. ZE1 0RB
Tel: 01595 480807
Website: http://www.tesco.com

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Tesco, Lerwick, located between the Sea Road and the South Road, is one of two major supermarket chains in Lerwick.

The Construction to the supermarket began in 1995 and finished in 1996. The building housed 4 different companies between 1996 - 2008 present. Originally Prestos moved in until it was bought over by Safeway, which itself shut down, and the shop was then taken over by Morrisons. Somerfield PLC acquired it from Morrisons in 2006, and traded there until the spring of 2008.

"Somerfield", the supermarket until spring 2008

In late March 2008, the Lerwick branch of Somerfield was bought by UK Supermarket giant Tesco. After taking possession of the building on May 7th, there followed a closure for some weeks to allow for internal remodelling and other works, culminating in it opening for trade at 9am on July 14th 2008 as a branch of Tesco.

The business employed 84 full time and part time staff as a Somerfield store.

As a Tesco Store, almost double the amount of staff now work there, with as many as 40 new jobs to be created when the planned extension takes place. Planning Permission for the extension to Tesco and a bigger car park was granted by the Council on the 17th December 2008 and work was planned to start in March 2010, and be completed by the middle of August.

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