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Special issue in honour of the Graham brothers with cover paintings by Ruth Graham
No. 28, 1951, Edited by Peter Jamieson - cover photo not attributed

The New Shetlander is Scotland's longest running literary magazine, founded in 1947, and edited originally by Peter Jamieson. It has had a central role in Shetland's Literature since. For the greater part of its existence thus far, 1956 till 1998, the NS benefited from the tender editorial care of the brothers John J. Graham and Laurence I. Graham. In 1998, Alex Cluness and John Hunter took on the onerous task of following such a sterling team, after whom the Shetland Archivist and historian Brian Smith and the author Laureen Johnson followed.

Edited by John and Lollie Graham - cover photo by Bobby Tulloch
The New Shetlander is a quarterly magazine. In 2007 it celebrated its 60th anniversary, by publishing issue number 239. The archive is a true treasure trove of varied material, reflecting the many changes Shetland has gone through since World War II.
Edited by Laureen Johnson and Brian Smith - cover photo by Ellie Smith

The images here show the magazine at various stages, and in various editorial hands.

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