Treasure Untold (CD)

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Treasure Untold

Treasure Untold was a CD released by Thomas Fraser posthumously in 2005.


  1. Mississippi River Blues
  2. My Philipino Rose
  3. Beyond the Reef
  4. Maybe, Wedding Bells
  5. Irish Hornpipe (Traditional Reels)
  6. Lamp Lighting Time in the Valley
  7. Treasures Untold, Blue Yodel No 4 (California Blues)
  8. When the Cactus is in Bloom
  9. My Carolina Sunshine Girl
  10. Rambling Cowboy
  11. The Mason's Apron (Traditional Reel)
  12. Waiting for a Train
  13. Whistle Blow (I Heard That)
  14. We'll Never Say Goodbye
  15. Why Should I be so Lonely?
  16. Lonesome Road Blues
  17. Old Pal of my Heart
  18. Farewell to Loch Katrine (Tradtional Reel)
  19. The Mississippi Moon
  20. Melancholy Blues
  21. Blue Canadian Rockies
  22. Winter Winds Blowing
  23. Bluebird Island
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