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The exterior view.
Opening Hours (May to September)
Every Day (including weekends) 1100 - 1700
Contact Details
Address Haroldswick,
Telephone 01957 711528
Replica sixareen at the Boat Haven
Opening plaques

Unst Boat Haven is one of Shetland's fantastic local and regional museums. Close to the old pier in Haroldswick, The Unst Boat Haven is one of the most attractive and interesting museums in Scotland.

The Museum is dedicated to the local fishing industry and the Shetland open boats which were used in the business. Local boats like whillies, yoals and sixareens are displayed as are similar Norwegian and Faeroese boats for comparison.

However, Unst Boat Haven is about more than the boats themselves. The exhibition includes fantastic model boats and a comprehensive documentation of the crafts and skills related to boatbuilding, repairing and the fishing industries including a blacksmith's workshop.

A mural on the northeast wall, painted by Haroldswick artist Liam O'Neill, gives a vivid impression of how the beach at Haroldswick would have looked at the end of the 19th century.

The Boat Haven, which was opened on 14th May 1994, owes much to the enthusiasm of local man Duncan Sandison.

Pictures from inside the Boat Haven

Inside the Boat Haven, 2007
Inside the Boat Haven, 2007.
Inside the Boat Haven, 2007.
Mending the boat
Boat building tools
Fishing gear
Unst Boat Haven 2.jpg
Unst Boat Haven 8.jpg
Oselver - Norwegian boat

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