Uyea (Northmavine)

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Shetland Islands
OS Name: Uyea
Shetland Name: Uyea
Uyea (Northmavine) Map.jpg
UK Grid Reference: HU314929
Area (ha):
Population: none
Community Council: n/a
Ferry Services: none

Uyea is an uninhabited island in Northmavine, at the extreme north west of mainland Shetland. There is a sandy isthmus, between Burrier Wick and North Wick which uncovers at low tide, allowing crossing to the island, though the cliffs on each side do not allow easy access. Sheep are grazed on the island.
The surrounding mainland area and former settlement is also referred to as Uyea, and sixareens left from here to the haaf fishing, although the fish were landed at Fethaland. The remains of the fishermens' booths can still be seen on the lower cliff edges.
There was no road to Uyea until the late 20th century, when a rough 5 mile track, suitable only for 4WD vehicles, was made across the moorland from North Roe. One of the old homesteads is kept in habitable condition and is used by the shepherds at lambing time. The island of Uyea is further 1 mile walk from the houses.

The Duiker wrecked on the isle in August 1701, as did the Abraham in September 1747, the Hope was believed wrecks on baas off the isle during 1790, and the Sylvanus went ashore on Milla Sand on December 10th 1852.

The track to Uyea
Old booths at Uyea
The sandy beach which connects the isle, on the left, to the Mainland.
Ramna Stacks in the distance.
Part of the old Uyea settlement.


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