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Vidlin Panaroma 07.JPG

Shetland Settlements
Name: Vidlin
Vidlin Map.jpg
UK Grid Reference: HU480655
Distance from Lerwick by road: 24 miles
Community Council: Nesting & Lunnasting
Google Street View:
Vidlin Marina, the Chapel and the old Post Office
Vidlin Methodist Chapel

Vidlin, (Old Norse : Vaðillinn = The Ford ), is a village on the northeast corner of the Shetland Mainland, at the head of Vidlin Voe, is the modern heart of the old parish of Lunnasting, which centred on the early church at Lunna.

The poet Rhoda Bulter's mother came from Skelberry in Lunnasting, and she herself lived there for two crucially formative years when young.

The Walls poet Christine De Luca has written a memoir and a series of poems about the branch of her family which hailed from Vidlin, on her father Alexander Pearson's side, entitled Dreams in Time's Ocean (2004).


Orgill Baptist Chapel

Businesses, Services, and Amenities

Shops, Businesses, & Accomoadtion Services & Amenities See Also

Herculson, John I.
Boatsroom Bed and Breakfast
Böd Ayre Products
Johnson Seafarms Ltd
Lunna House
Outrabister House

Lunnasting Primary School
Vidlin Public Hall
Vidlin Marina
Nesting & Lunnasting Community Council

Cabin Museum, The
The Lunnasting History Group
Origin Art
Rapid - Heroes from Vidlin

Lunna Kirk with Lunna House in the background.
Johnson Seafarms Ltd. Shore station
Lunnasting Primary School

Gale on the 18th March 2007 breaks waves over the road at the head of the Voe.
Vidlin - Shetland Gales 2 - Shetland.JPG
Vidlin Marina

Some old pictures from Vidlin

Looking North to behind the Vidlin shop towards the school.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.
A. Georgeson's shop and Vidlin House. The shop was originally in the house. The new shop opened 1881, supposed to be built by the Lerwick firm John M. Aitken. The shop was originally Sutherland, later becoming A. Georgeson.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.
Vidlin Drifter hulk is LK 63 Flying Cloud.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.
Vidlin. Photo taken from behind Gilsbrake.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.
Vidlin from Gardin.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.
Looking north towards the rear of the shop, with the school in the background.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.
Looking south-west out over Gillsbreck to Orgill, Neagirt and to Dury Voe in the distance.
Photo from Shetland Museum and Archives.

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