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Walls July 2008.jpg

Shetland Settlements
Name: Walls
Walls Map.jpg
UK Grid Reference: HU243495
Distance from Lerwick by road: 26 miles
Community Council: Sandness & Walls
Google Street View:
Pier and Walls Regatta Club House in centre, Bayhall right and St Paul's Church in the background

Walls, or Waas, ( Old Norse : Vagar = Sheltered Bays ), lies on the south side of Shetland's West Mainland, at the head of Vaila Sound, and is sheltered by the islands Vaila and Linga.
A pier was built at Walls in the 1700's, and from 1838, it was a centre for fish curing.
The old Haa, Bayhall, from mid 18th century, once residence for the Henry family, is restored and converted into flats.

Voe House, also from the 18th century is now restored into a camping böd.

There is both a Church of Scotland and a Methodist Church in Walls. Earlier there was also a Congregational Church, but it has long been out of use. Walls Bakery started its business in the old church building.

Waas was the childhood home of two fine poets, Vagaland and Christine De Luca, and in 1884 was the birthplace of both Peter Fraser (1884-1966), musician and founding member of the Shetland Fiddlers' Society, and William Moffatt, the author. Today it is home to the dialect children's writer Iris Sandison, also secretary to the local history group.

Waas has long been famed for its annual Agricultural Show. A short film of 'da Waas Show' in the early 60s, by the late Dr. Albert Hunter, is available at the link below.


See also

  • Waas Show - early 60s film by Dr. Albert Hunter[[1]]

Old postcard showing Walls from north
St Paul's Church with the Methodist Church and Manse in the background
Looking over the voe from the west end of the village

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