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In this category are listed people who have become notable in Shetland for many reasons.
Some, such as Lairds, were born to notoriety, while others, through their contribution to Shetland, have become notable, and deserving of an entry in the pages of Shetlopedia.

Our first sub-category covers people who were born in Shetland. Although most of these people have stayed all their lives in the isles, there are many who have left Shetland and become noted for their contribution to life and society elsewhere in the world.

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Natives of Shetland

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However, Shetland has, over the years, attracted many new residents. Perhaps most obviously with the coming of oil in the 1970's, but also over the years a steady stream of incomers has brought skills and knowledge to the isles.
Our second sub-category covers the people who, although not born here, have chosen to make Shetland their home at some time in their lives.

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Incomers to Shetland

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Natives and incomers have made a permanent mark on Shetland society, but many people of note have visited the islands in the past--people of national or international acclaim who have visited Shetland in their professional capacity, through public office, or just to see the islands for themselves.

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Visitors to Shetland

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To help narrow your search, the following links lead to people involved in various notable professions, in the past and present of Shetland.

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