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John Cumming

John Cumming, Shetland-born sculptor, author and teacher, was born in Burra Isle, Shetland in 1947. As a sculptor he has exhibited widely, both in Scotland and overseas, and was one of the subjects of a Channel 4 film Shorelines.

In 2003, in collaboration with Frances Pelly and Christine de Luca, he created a portfolio of poems in Shetland dialect and woodcuts, entitled Hansel, which was shown in the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness and in Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland. Since then the cooperative has gone on to other projects.

In 1997 John's illustrated children's book Peerie Boat won the Shetland Literary Prize and in 2003 the short story, 'The Net', won him the Rhoda Bulter prize for dialect writing.

John Cumming lives and works in Stromness, Orkney, with his wife Fiona, who is also a founder member of the cooperative.

His publications include:

Nine days on Foula with Bryan Thurston and Alistair Peebles 1996

Peerie Boat, Shetland Arts Trust, 1996

Ellie an da Sail Needle, a story bi Iris Sandison ; draains bi John Cumming, 2005

A Hansel o Stories, 2 vols, Hansel Cooperative Press, 2005, a sound recording of stories by Cumming, Iris Sandison, Jane Moncrieff and Christine De Luca, as follows: Volume 1: Ellie an da sail needle / Iris Sandison; Smootie comes ta Lerrick / Christine De Luca; Smootie gengs adrift / Christine De Luca; Smootie tae da rescue / Christine De Luca; My mercy, Smootie! / Christine De Luca; Rasmie Ratter / Jane Moncrieff. Volume 2: Spooks i da nicht / Christine De Luca; Lazarus / John Cumming; Da nyuggel o Hulmawatter / Christine De Luca; Kyunnen / John Cumming; Da caddy lamb / Christine De Luca; Sea life / John Cumming; Rover tae da rescue / Christine De Luca

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