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Mounthooly Street was formerly named "Baker's Closs", so named because Lerwick's first bakery was located there.

The street runs uphill in a southerly direction from Commercial Street at the Market Cross, to the junction of Annsbrae Place, Clairmont Place, and Ronald Street.

Mounthooly Street also has junctions with Law Lane, Mounthooly Place and Navy Lane.

Notable Buildings

  • Chapel House: This building, which was converted into flats in recent years, has, through the years, housed shops, offices, a cafe, The Planets dance hall, and been a place of worship.



View from the bottom of the street, with the Lounge Bar on the right.
Picture by Shetlopedian Jeannie.
Middle of the street, at the junction of Mounthooly Place. The building to the right is Chapel House.
Picture by Shetlopedian Jeannie.
Mounthooly Street looking north from the top of the street.
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