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The Shetland Dialect, As I See It, or Hear It.
That's my pet project.
I believe if we don't use it we lose it.
We all speak it every day but how often do we think about it, and even worse how often is it written down.
When I went to school the dialect was discouraged, but thankfully that is changing. My children are now encouraged to speak Shetland.
I love to read and write Shetland poetry, songs, etc..  It's a hobby,and
I am gathering Shetland words from family and friends, in the hope of keeping the dialect alive, on [[Shetlopedia]] in the [[Shetland Dictionary]] section.
Please add, edit, correct, etc.. as you see fit.
This could be the best chance of survival for the dialect.
Feel free to e-mail me if you are unsure how to add to the dictionary.(Look for the "e-mail this user" thingy on the left of this page).
Even if you have just heard a word and don't know what it means, just let me know what it sounded like and in what context it was used, and I will try to figure it out. I have a friend in Norway who knows a lot about old Norse who can decipher lots of words.
==External Links ==
* This is worth a listen.
* Willie Nelson is the nicest person I have ever met
* Sometimes I have to Work

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