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[[Image:Robbie 1.jpg|thumb|right|250px|This is me. :-)<br>OK. maybe 10 years ago.]]
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It must be obvious that I'm a complete amateur at this game; please forgive my ignorance! Copyright infringement never occurred to me, as I wrote the article on the Battle of Ronas Voe, displayed in the Tangwick Haa Museum, and took the accompanying photograph, a couple of years ago. The original information came from a nineteenth century magazine, the name of which I have long forgotten, that I borrowed some fifty years ago from my then employer. I remember copying down the ship's name, dates etc., before returning the magazine.  When I was asked to write something about the Battle of Ronas Voe, for the Tangwick Haa Museum, I managed to dig out that copied information, which formed the basis for the both articles. The article submitted is almost identical to the museum article, apart from a few words altered here and there, for better effect. I hope this clears up the question of possible copyright infringement, but if there is still any doubt, please contact the Tangwick Haa Museum, to comfirm who wrote their article.

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