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Hi Pett,

Welcome to Shetlopedia and thanks for your edits so far. We have to be careful not to copy information from other websites, that's why the copied text from Wikipedia was removed. If you need any help or advice then please feel free to ask. Either on the talk pages, or on the forums

I have information about the Lunnasting Stone, though we don't have a picture for it, and it's hidden away in a museum in Edinburgh. I'm hoping to get a photo sometime but I'll have to visit the museum first and arrange a viewing.

What's your location? Are you in Shetland? Let us know so we can add a Shetland (or other) flag to your user page.

All the best, Gary

Thanks! I'm not in Shetland just now, I'm living and working in Edinburgh. Do you want me to try and get a picture of the Lunnasting Stone? (I can't remember seeing it)--Pett 10:53, 16 May 2009 (MDT)
Welcome from me also Pett,
Hope you weren't offended by striking the 'Wiki lookalike' material, but we've had a few problems with Wiki in the past. Our answer to that was to refrain from using their material completely, although we likely still have some odd bits from the early days when Shetlopedia was starting out and it was an easy way to fill space...
Anyway, great to have you aboard, and adding to a subject which we're mostly ignorant about. :-)
An interesting point about Trowies, which you may know something about, is that there seems to be more similarities between the behaviour of the Shetland Trow and the Norwegian Nisse. Afraid I've not really mastered reading Norwegian yet, or I might be able to explain what I mean better.
Robbie 11:27, 16 May 2009 (MDT)

Hi Pett,

RE: Your offer to get a photo of the Lunnasting Stone. That would be really useful. I don't think it's even on display, it's hidden away in a basement somewhere. I have contacted them about this, on behalf of the Lunnasting History Group. They agreed to allow us access to visit it sometime. They offered a photo which we'd have to pay for; but we would not have permission to use it on a website. I'll dig out the email and let you know where it is. I believe it takes a little bit of time to arrange the visit, but if you were able to then that would be excellent. Thanks you.

Cheers, GaryWiki 14:43, 16 May 2009 (MDT)

Hei !
Great that you are doing this, there is no other users that know anything about these topics ;-))
I have once far back in history learned to read Old Norse, but forgotten a lot of it...
I've learned a little bit different translation of "Med Lagum Skal.....",,, as far as I remember it is from "Frostatingsloven", (The old law for this part of Norway). The translation is something like : "With law the land shall be built - and not with lawlessness being destroyed"...but it is much of the same ;-).
I giggled when I first saw that Shetland Motto, and said : "I've no problem of reading and understand this " ;-).
In Norwegian the full sentence is this : "Med Lov skal Landet byggjast og ikkje med U-lov øydast"
Cheers, --Oddrun 09:59, 27 May 2009 (MDT)

PS: Maybe this will interest you ;-)

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